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About Us


Our Story

Mandy Harrington and Keith Macdonald's unexpected venture into owning Ladish, a renowned barbershop with a storied history in Dunedin, marks a notable chapter in their professional lives. Mandy, with her extensive experience of over 26 years in the barbering and hairdressing training sector, brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to this new endeavor.


The decision to purchase Ladish came as a surprise, but it was an opportunity they felt compelled to seize. After selling her successful training business, Harrington\Vaughan Academy, and taking a brief hiatus from the industry, Mandy, alongside Keith, are eager to rejuvenate their careers in the barbering world. Their plans not only include maintaining the high standards of service Ladish is known for but also reintroducing training programs for aspiring barbers in the future.

Ladish itself has been a fixture in the Dunedin community for over 38 years, establishing a legacy of quality and tradition. Previously known as Selwyn Graves, the shop was a beacon for exceptional barbering services, named after a local icon. Its recent name change to Ladish Barber by the prior owners in 2022 has not diminished its reputation or the loyalty of its clientele. The decision to retain the Ladish name and brand is a testament to the shop's enduring presence and significance in the community.


Operating as a walk-in, no-appointment-necessary barbershop, Ladish continues to cater to the needs and preferences of its diverse client base


The ethos of Ladish, captured in its catchphrase "Quality services for the young and young at heart," reflects a commitment to serving a broad spectrum of clients with excellence and care.


In the ever-evolving landscape of personal grooming, our core business remains centered around our main barbering services.  However,  short female classic cuts and undercuts are also offered.


We look forward to introducing a Wet Shave package within the coming year.


At Ladish we pride ourselves on excellent service and quality and we look forward to being of service to you.

Meet The Team

The Selwyn Graves Legacy


Selwyn Grave closed its doors for the last time on the 29th April known as

Selwyn Grave Barber.

Selwyn left behind a long standing legacy.

A legacy which we respect, he built traditions which we have a great fondness for. 

What people are saying 

"Great service and cut, listened to what I wanted and provided a an accurate result to what I described. Friendly service style too." 
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